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Raise Big Money for Your Organization By Having a Golf Outing

Hosting a golf tournament can raise 1000’s of dollars for your organization. Golf tournaments create an avenue for people to support your organization that is not otherwise available. Well run tournaments see the golfers returning year after year with new participants joining every year.

Many times fund raisers need a lot of people doing a lot of work over a period of time to make money (e.g. selling candy bars, bake sales, food stands at community celebrations, etc.). Golf tournaments create several opportunities for fund raising with less effort than other traditional fund raisers.

Hole Sponsorships:

Often sponsors want to show their support financially for your organization but don’t have an avenue to do it. Hole sponsorship is an effective way to allow them to donate amounts from $25 to $200. In return they receive recognition by all those who participate and those checking out your web site or Facebook page. Those typically wanting to support are:

  • Local Businesses

  • Friends of your organization

  • Families of the people you are benefiting

Golfer Entry Fee: 

Typically teams of 3 or 4 golfers will be entered into your tournament. The entry fee is typically $50 to $70 per player. Your expenses for the tournament are covered by the entry fee.

Putting Contest & Other Games: 
Games can be held during the tournament to raise additional funds

Silent and Live Auctions: 

With a group of people at an event to support your organization, you can auction or raffle off donations to your event.

Glen Hills Golf Club hosts several events each season. Our staff fully understands how to maximize your fund raising efforts on a day that will be enjoyable to all who take part. If you would like to learn more about how raising funds through a day of golfing please click on the following link.


Holding a golf outing can be an expensive venture at many golf courses. Glen Hills can offer a great golfing experience for small or large groups at a price you may not thought possible. Golf outings can produce many benefits for your company:

  • Celebrate the achievements of your company over the past year in a warm weather setting.

  • Reward employees for their efforts on a relaxing day at the course.

  • Show appreciation to your top clients.

  • Impress potential clients with a day at a beautiful course and good food.

  • Allows vendors to show their appreciation to you through donations of door prizes.

If you would like to learn more on how the experienced staff at Glen Hills could help you put together a day of great golf, please call us at 715-265-4718 or email

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